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来自德国柏林的School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe 将于2020年4月回到中国,举办他们著名的 “中国制造2” 工作坊。此次的工作坊只会录取15名学生,让他们探索数字制造,并且在设计和设备里融入物联网的元素。

The School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe from Berlin Germany will be back in April 2020 with their Made in China II course! Up to 15 participants will be accepted for this prestigious programme, where they will get to explore digital fabrication and incorporate IoT elements into their designs and devices.

It will be a 2-week course (apply now!) held from 6 April to 17 April 2020 in Shenzhen, China, and will be fully taught in English. Women and persons from LGBTQ and other underrepresented communities in the tech field are highly encouraged to apply!

来自德国柏林的School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe 将于20204月回到中国,举办他们著名的中国制造2” 工作坊。此次的工作坊只会录取15名学生,让他们探索数字制造,并且在设计和设备里融入物联网的元素。此次的课程为期2周(46-417日),在深圳举行,全程以英语授课。举办方希望女性,LGBTQ群体,以及其他少数群体能够踊跃报名(报名请点这https://schoolofmachines.agilecrm.com/forms/460469250044723)。

We’re super happy to support the program again as a community partner, and here comes the huge news. School of Machine is also offering a FULL scholarship for 2 Chinese female applicants, covering the full tuition!! If you would like to join this programme but need the financial support, please apply for the course online and at the same time email to madeinchina@schoolofma.org to apply for the scholarship by Monday, 3 December 2019, 5pm (GMT +8). School of Machines will evaluate all the applicants and choose the final scholarship winners.

今年,我们很开心柴火和矽递能够再次参与这个项目。再跟大家分享一个好消息: School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe将提供2名中国的女性申请人全额奖学金,让课程免费。如果你想要加入这个工作坊,并且希望能够得到经济上的支持,请点击这里(https://schoolofmachines.agilecrm.com/forms/4604692500447232)填写申请表,并且电邮到 madeinchina@schoolofma.org,向他们申请奖学金,截止时间为20191231700School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe将评估所有的申请者,从中挑选出最后的两位奖学金得主。

This workshop is geared toward anyone involved in creative projects (designers, makers, artists, musicians, performers, etc.) wishing to begin incorporating speculative future methodologies, fabricated objects, electronics, and/or sensors into their work or practice. The course approaches these topics from a hands-on introductory level. No prior experience is required.


Skills to be taught:

  • Prototyping as iterative design & development process
  • Design, development & fabrication of physical mechanisms
  • Integration of multiple materials & media to create interactive objects
  • CAD design & fabrication: use of Rhino, 3D printers, CNC & laser-cutters
  • Basic programming Arduino/motors/sensors/LED strips, etc.)
  • Integrate traditional manufacturing with new technologies
  • Experience with different materials
  • Presentation and communication with an international audience.


  • 迭代设计与开发样板
  • 设计,开发以及数字制造机制
  • 结合多个材料和媒体,制造具互动性的物品
  • 计算机辅助设计(CAD)与数字制造:犀牛软件(Rhino),3D打印机,数控机床(CNC),激光切割机
  • 基本编程:Arduino/发动机/感应器/发光二极管(LED)条
  • 结合传统制造方式与新科技
  • 使用各种材料
  • 向来自全球各地的观众呈现和与他们沟通

Course Outline

Week 1: 

  • Gaining an understanding of and experience with speculative design and design fiction methodologies
  • Collection of objects, materials and other ‘ingredients’ from locals shops and markets, to construct a context from which to design future consumable products
  • Delving into theory and practice of the current state of IoT connected devices
  • Rethinking IoT connected device methodologies
  • Exploration of production facilities / processes / critical design methods relating to production of goods and tools for imagined futures

Week 2:

  • Design of objects to be produced in China as prototypes for future productions that could be elsewhere
  • Documentation and archive of new objects
  • Showcase of final works



  • 了解和体验Speculative Design与Design Fiction
  • 从当地商店和市场中挑选物品、材料和其他“原料”,构建一个环境,以此设计未来的消费品
  • 深入了解和实践物联网器材的理论,并进行实践,以了解当今物联网器材的现状
  • 重新构思物联网器材的技术
  • 生产未来所需要的产品和工具:探索生产设施/流程/关键设计方法


  • 设计会在中国生产的产品样板(未来可在其他地方生产产品)
  • 记录下新作品,为它存档
  • 最终作品展示

Meet the Instructors 课程导师

Sitraka Rakotoniaina

Artist, Designer and Lecturer


Sitraka studied Industrial Design and Graphic Design/Multimedia in Paris, and graduated from the Design Interactions course at the Royal College of Art. He has worked as an independent Interaction Designer since 2006, and currently lectures at Ravensbourne in London and School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
His work has been shown internationally at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Venice Architecture Biennale, Saint-Etienne design Biennial, the Art Center College of Design and recognized through awards and publications including D&AD, we-make-money-not-art, Axis Magazine, See Yourself Sensing by Madeline Schwartzman, etc.


他的作品曾在维多利亚和阿尔伯特博物馆( Victoria and Albert Museum ),威尼斯建筑双年展( Venice Architecture Biennale),圣艾蒂安设计双年展(Saint-Etienne design Biennial ),艺术中心设计学院( Art Center College of Design)对外展示,并荣获了D&AD we-make-money-not-art, Axis Magazine, See Yourself Sensing by Madeline Schwartzman等奖项。

Andrew Friend
Co-Founder @Very Very Far Away

Very Very Far Away的副创始人

Andrew Friend is an artist and designer. He is the co-founder of the international research platform and consultancy; ‘Very Very Far Away’, recipient of the Arte Laguna Prize (Venice IT), and teaches at Central Saint Martins and Ravensbourne colleges in London.

Andrew Friend是一名画家和设计师,也是Very Very Far Away公司的创始人。他曾荣获 Arte Laguna Prize (Venice IT)的奖项,现在在伦敦中央圣马丁学院和瑞文斯博艺术与传播学院担任教师一职。

Simone Rebaudengo
Interaction Designer @Frog


Simone has been teaching and presenting at CIID, SUPSI, China Academy of Fine Arts, Tedx, IxDA, SolidCon, Thingscon and Dconstruct. His works have been published internationally in Wired, Fastcompany, The Atlantic and Designboom. He has won numerous industry awards including two 2014 IXDA Interaction Awards for “Addicted Products”, and a 2015-2016 Internet of Things Award for Best Design Fiction for his “Ethical Things” project.

Simone常常在哥本哈根交互设计学院,洛桑联邦理工学院, 中国美术创作院,Tedx, 国际交互设计协会,SolidCon,ThingsConDconstruct等学院与机构进行教学和呈现。他的作品曾荣登《Wired》,《Fast Company》,《The Atlantic》和《DesignBoom》等世界知名杂志。他曾荣获多个交互设计领域的奖项,其中包括两次2014国际交互设计协会的上瘾产品交互设计奖,以及2015-2016年的物联网最佳Design Fiction奖(得奖作品为Ethical Things)

Rachel Uwa
Founder @School of Machines

School of Machines创始人

Rachel Uwa is the founder of School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe. She is an artist, educator, and organizer whose background is in audio engineering and vfx compositing. Over the past 15+ years she’s lived in and organized social justice and tech communities and events big and small. She feels compelled to help bring these two worlds together and make the tech world less daunting and more diverse, inclusive, thoughtful, and fun. Her biggest desire is to see people living the lives they dream of living rather than the one they feel they ought to.

Rachel Uwa School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe 的创始人。她是一名画家,教育家和活动策划者,并且拥有音频工程和视效合成的背景。过去的15年来,她一直在举办和参与社会正义和科技群体大大小小的活动。她认为自己有把这两个群体结合起来的使命,想要让科技群体不再令人畏惧,变得更多元化,更具包容性,更体贴和更有趣。她最大的愿望就是希望人们能够过着自己理想中的生活。

关于School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe 

School of Machines, Making & Make Believe is a uniquely curated School born in Berlin, Germany in 2014, keen on inventing one-of-a-kind hands-on learning experiences in the areas of art, technology, design, and human connection. We embrace art, creativity and exploring the latest technology and ourselves with openness, humility, and curiosity.

 School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe 2014年创立,是德国柏林的一所独特的学校,旨在研发出一种学生能够亲自动手体验的艺术/科技/设计/人际交流课程。学院以开放,谦虚,和好奇的态度拥抱艺术和创意,并且不断安索最新的科技。

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