Want to learn how to make (almost) anything? Sign up now!

Want to learn how to make (almost) anything? Sign up now!

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Chaihuo x.factory in Shenzhen will be one of the Fab Academy nodes for 2020! Two professional mentors will guide you along during lessons which will start in mid January 2020!

​In this age of technology, we have many ways to learn digital fabrication, which will enable us to be equipped with the skills needed to make many things. Skills such as 3D printing, Computer-Aided Design(CAD), laser cutting and CNC will allow you to turn your dreams into reality. In this article, we will be introducing the famed Fab Academy which will teach you “how to make (almost) anything”.   

About Fab Academy


In 1998, Professor Neil Gershenfeld started a class called “How to make almost anything” at MIT which was widely popular and attracted students from various backgrounds. Gershenfeld then started the first Fab Lab in 2002, which is a lab that is equipped with various tools, equipment, and materials. This started a worldwide fab lab movement that resulted in more than 1700 fab labs being built. Today, there are Fab Academy nodes all around the world and they offer a similar curriculum through a combination of online and offline lessons.

Professor Neil Gershenfeld

What you will learn in Fab Academy


Principles and Practices

Project Management

Computer-Aided Design

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Electronics Production


Electronics Design

Molding and Casting


Embedded Programming

3D Scanning and Printing

Input Devices

Interface and Application Programming

Mechanical Design

Output Devices

Networking and Communications

Machine Design

Applications and Implications

Project Development

Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

Source of image:https://waag.org/en/article/waag-celebrates-decade-fablab-amsterdam

Source of image:http://fablab.waag.org/content/1-fab-academy/

Fab Academy offers a distributed rather than distance educational model: students learn in local workgroups, with peers, mentors, and machines, which are then connected globally through content sharing and video for interactive classes. The individual labs are supported and supervised regionally by supernode sites with more advanced capabilities, expertise, and inventories. Students build a portfolio that documents the mastery of their skills individually and their integration. Local instructors and regional gurus review the portfolios, which will then be examined centrally to ensure that each student meets global standards and follows evolving best practices.


Registration for Fab Academy 2020 is now open and will be closed on 15 December 2019!

Fab Academy Final projects by FabAcademy students in 2019. Source of image: Fab Academy

Fab Academy Diploma


After you have successfully completed all the lessons and projects, you will be able to attend the Fab Academy Graduation Ceremony 2020 in Montreal, Canada where you will receive the Fab Diploma. With the Fab Diploma, you can apply to become a Mentor for any of the 1700+ Fab Labs worldwide!

For those of you who are in Shenzhen, we have great news for you! Chaihuo x.factory in Shenzhen will be one of the Fab Academy nodes for 2020! Two professional mentors will guide you along during lessons which will start in mid-January 2020!

Fab Academy SZ Mentor No.1: Felix Ma


Felix has been in the field of STEAM education for more than 6 years. He has extensive experience in teaching and training STEAM teachers. He is also a talented maker with strong learning capabilities who has a lot of experience in full-stack development, web development, app development, smart hardware development, and various technical skills.


Graduated from Fab Academy(2017)

Fab Academy Mentor(2018~2019)

Lecturer at Shenzhen University Student Venture(2017~2018)

Received a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Science and Technology at Shenzhen University(2014)

Workshop Trainer of Shenzhen University Maker Community

1st place for International Makerthon(2013)

Founder of Shenzhen University Makers Community(2013)

Fab Academy SZ Mentor No.2: Violet Su


Violet is the Sales Consultant and Community Manager at Seeed Studio and a member of the Maker Faire Shenzhen Committee. She joined Seeed and Chaihuo x.factory in 2012 and helped to organize hundreds of community events which allowed Chinese makers to have more exchanges with foreign makers. Violet has a great passion for language, culture, education and sustainable development.

Details for registration


Duration: 5 months(mid-January to early June 2020)

Dateline for registration: 15 December 2019

Cost: 5000USD/person

Location for lessons in Shenzhen: Chaihuox.factory B608, Vanke Design Commune, Shenzhen

How to register: Turn on your VPN(if you are in China now) and complete the registration form using the link below:


Do remember to select Chaihuo x.factory as your node on the form!

If you are interested in learning digital fabrication, do not miss this great opportunity! Sign up for Fab Academy 2020 now!


More details

For more details on Fab Academy, you can visit fabacademy.org.


  Chaihuo x.factory|深圳,东莞,河北 

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